Whole Cloth Challenge…. Design started….

I am so excited by the response to the challenge.  I am getting emails about selection of fabric etc.   We have a group overseas of 20 ladies that are participating and they all have different color Robert Kauffman Radiance fabric.  Yeah!!!!

I have started the design process…


Happy Quilting.


13 thoughts on “Whole Cloth Challenge…. Design started….

  1. Lisa, I also like to use my LA rulers to design patterns for quilting, but how do you account for the distance the hopping foot puts between the stitching and the ruler since the pen doesn’t have that 1/4″ offset? I want to use the same rulers, but that 1/4″ hopping foot has made it difficult. Should I put something on my pen/pencil that equals the distance the hopping foot puts between the stitching and the ruler?

    • I have a small acrylic disk that i use on my pencil. I am however, designing drawing templates that will work with the ProEcho so you don’t need the disk. You will also be able to use them for rotary cutting curves for piecing, scalloped edges etc. I love using my LA templates but I don’t like cleaning them. LOL

  2. Thanks so much for the very clear directions. I know that a “whole cloth” quilt challenge ‘should’ be straight-forward but questions are always there. Hope to get some fabric on Monday!!!!!

  3. Ok, I have my Radiance in a lovely teal. I am going to watch your DVD this weekend and work on a design. Might as well since I have to work all weekend so no studio time…And, as usual, my computer is refusing to let me hear the video or watch more than the first 8 seconds……sigh.

  4. I’m glad to see you trying quilting on a domestic machine… I’ve recently moved the other way… after years of pushing fabric under my Bernina, I’ve fallen in love with my new HQ Sweet 16. I’ve got one questions, if you don’t mind. I used a magnifying lens that attached to the Bernina to use when I did micro-stippling, how do you get the same accuracy on the “big boys”? I get close, but not as accurate.


    • HI Jo,
      I have tried using magnifying lenses hooked onto the machine but not with a lot of success. I just use a pair for reading glasses. There is a company called craft Optics that sell a pair of glasses I am considering but they are expensive so I haven’t jumped in yet.

      • Thanks Lisa, I’m wondering if you’ve tried the magnifying floor lamps with the position-able arms? I may borrow one to try and let you know. Thanks again,

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