Well, Hello, Old Friend


Well Hello Old Friend…. Its been a while.  Good to see you hanging around.  I promise I will get to you soon.



2 thoughts on “Well, Hello, Old Friend

  1. Ha ha ha! Boy, do I know the feeling! I’m currently basting my version of Lynette Jensen’s “America the Beautiful,” which was the McCall’s Quilting series quilt in 2011. I started piecing the blocks as soon as I got the January issue in December of 2010. Finished all the blocks, set them aside to work on baby quilts, changed jobs, moved….(Excuses, excuses, I know!) Last week, when I opened the box containing all the blocks, I did actually say outloud, “Hello, old friend.”

    And, WOW, are your appliqued flower blocks stunning!!!

    • This was suppose to be my entry at MQX East this year… looks like I’ll miss the Midwest deadline as well. I am hoping next year! They always start at MQX so I can’t break tradition. 🙂
      Thank you, this was really my first hand appliqué project and I had so much fun! I plan to add more to this quilt. I guess I better get started designing the next phase.

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