Going on this Monday….

This is the kids last week of school.  They will have a half day on Friday so this week is full.  Mom is coming for a visit… can’t wait!  lacrosse practices, finals, parties… I both look forward to and dread the end of school.  Any of you feel the same?

I am doing my 2nd to last customer quilt!  Working on my whole cloth challenge design, book proposal project, filling orders as the ProEcho™ Medium set just came in and working on a bag pattern!  Thanks Gilbert, your book has great information!  Let’s see how much gets done!

Are you working on anything special?  Looking forward to summer break?

Ok, back to work.

Happy quilting


6 thoughts on “Going on this Monday….

  1. As a retired teacher, I used to look forward to and dread the end of the school year. I loved teaching and would miss my students, but it was lovely to have the summer off to spend with my kids. I always felt sorry for the parents who had to find day care for the summer for their kids. Now my kids are grown and scattered and I keep up with some of my former students on facebook – guess it’s all right now that they are adults. Summer is the busy time for my DH as we live on a farm and he runs the family farm implement business, so I have lots of time for quilting!!!

  2. Summer is a different kind of ‘busy’…….the outdoors beckons. The rainy days give ‘excuse’ to quilt. More “torn” between activities in the warmer weather. In the winter I prefer to hibernate in my quilting studio!!!!! LOL!

  3. HI LIsa,
    Boy, your plate sure is full. Yes, I look forward to summer but dread it as well. Lazy days but hoping to get some sewing in this summer as well.


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