I can sew!!!

Some of you may know my dirty little secret but for those that don’t… here goes.  I am not really a very good sewer.  I made one dress in my life back in high school and it wasn’t very good.  I can sew a straight line and that is really all that is needed in quilting… thank goodness.

When I picked up my New BERNINA 750QE, I made my first  bag… zipper and everything!

Can’t begin to tell you how awesome that was.  So yesterday I decided to try my hand at another one.  Yeah, I actually did it again!!!  I am so proud of myself.



Now, the real trick will be when I try and make the one that is in my head.  That will be interesting.  Stay tuned to see if it works!

Happy Quilting


4 thoughts on “I can sew!!!

  1. LOL! I never took sewing in school but started with our boys’ coveralls (button on the shoulders circa late ’60s/early 70’s). “Necessity” pushed me forward!!!! I know you will achieve your vision!!!! Hugs………………

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