Whole Cloth Challenge continued!

I am so excited at the response to the whole cloth challenge!  For those of you who haven’t heard… check it out here.  You do NOT have to use Radiance fabric but it sure is great fabric!  Olde Ctiy Quilts in NJ has a great selection and has updated their online store with all the colors… check out the all the colors!  I have chose my fabric when I picked up my new BERNINA 750QE!  Here is the color I chose…


I love silk thread and will probably use it on this project as well.  I am still up in the air about batting… Hobbs has a new batting that is cotton and wool that is really nice.  I think I might use that as the bottom layer and wool on top to see how I like it.

How is everyone else doing?  Do you have your fabric picked out yet?  Batting, thread?  have you started on your design?  I will be starting on my design later this week.

Happy Quilting


8 thoughts on “Whole Cloth Challenge continued!

  1. I picked up some Radiance in a rich gold mustardy color last weekend. I’m ordering some gold and purple Kimono silk thread from Superior. AND I may have a glimmer of a plan! My aunt, a quilter, is a breast cancer survivor who is now battling cancer in her mouth. I think some sort of religious cross design might be a good design to start with as I plan on giving this to her when I’m finished and she will appreciate the symbolism. Batting? I have some leftover QD wool that I’ll probably layer over an 80/20 or cotton. I really loved the QD Puff, but I don’t think I have any pieces left. I have a question on the silk thread – if you use it in your longarm, do you also use it in your bobbin? Do you use anything else for the bobbin instead? I’ve not used silk before, and this silk will be similar to Invisafil in weight.

  2. My radiance is chosen, a VERY deep purple…….my design is forming in my head, now to draw it out…….

  3. I ordered my Radiance fabric and I chose the Slate (it’s kind of aquamarine greenish /blue color) very pretty and different..so thought I’d go for different since it’s a challenge.. Have no clue of what I’m going to quilt yet.. need to figure that out!

  4. Lisa……I am coming along for the fun!!! Where have you located the cotton wool blend batting???? I am leaning towards silk over 80/20 (worked well in a piece with dupioni silk fabric!). Radiance also has a color called “Willow” that I fell in love with (doesn’t seem to be carried by Olde City Quilts). We’ll see. Hugs.

  5. HI Lisa,
    I want to join in on the fun as well but I have yet to order my silk/cotton fabric. My supplier is all out right now so I have to wait a while. I too am struggling with the design. You make it look so easy on your DVD’s. I am not giving up- I will keep on trying until I find something I like.


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