Whole Cloth Challenge update..

Things have been a little quiet for me.  I am dealing with a neck/head issue which has limited my work for the past 3 weeks.  😦

So, thank you to Cindy Christenson for sending in her picture.  I can’t wait to see how this transforms…

Here is what Cindy had to say… “I had no idea of what I was doing.. it just blossomed!!  ”

It sure did blossom.  Cindy is using my method Mastering the Mini for her design.  It is really quite simple.

Thank you for sharing Cindy!!

Cindy Christenson !


Since I am limited as to what I can accomplish… please send me your progress.  Love to post it here.

Make sure to visit Teri’s blog as well.


Happy Quilting


Whole Cloth Challenge…. Design started….

I am so excited by the response to the challenge.  I am getting emails about selection of fabric etc.   We have a group overseas of 20 ladies that are participating and they all have different color Robert Kauffman Radiance fabric.  Yeah!!!!

I have started the design process…


Happy Quilting.


Why oh why??? I ask you….

Why is it so hard to keep the studio clean????  I work much better when everything is organized and in its place but it seems that every time I am ready to work on a project…. I have to clean and organize my studio before I can get started.  If I could just clean as I work…hmmm, nice dream!

What about you?

Going on this Monday….

This is the kids last week of school.  They will have a half day on Friday so this week is full.  Mom is coming for a visit… can’t wait!  lacrosse practices, finals, parties… I both look forward to and dread the end of school.  Any of you feel the same?

I am doing my 2nd to last customer quilt!  Working on my whole cloth challenge design, book proposal project, filling orders as the ProEcho™ Medium set just came in and working on a bag pattern!  Thanks Gilbert, your book has great information!  Let’s see how much gets done!

Are you working on anything special?  Looking forward to summer break?

Ok, back to work.

Happy quilting


I can sew!!!

Some of you may know my dirty little secret but for those that don’t… here goes.  I am not really a very good sewer.  I made one dress in my life back in high school and it wasn’t very good.  I can sew a straight line and that is really all that is needed in quilting… thank goodness.

When I picked up my New BERNINA 750QE, I made my first  bag… zipper and everything!

Can’t begin to tell you how awesome that was.  So yesterday I decided to try my hand at another one.  Yeah, I actually did it again!!!  I am so proud of myself.



Now, the real trick will be when I try and make the one that is in my head.  That will be interesting.  Stay tuned to see if it works!

Happy Quilting


Whole Cloth Challenge continued!

I am so excited at the response to the whole cloth challenge!  For those of you who haven’t heard… check it out here.  You do NOT have to use Radiance fabric but it sure is great fabric!  Olde Ctiy Quilts in NJ has a great selection and has updated their online store with all the colors… check out the all the colors!  I have chose my fabric when I picked up my new BERNINA 750QE!  Here is the color I chose…


I love silk thread and will probably use it on this project as well.  I am still up in the air about batting… Hobbs has a new batting that is cotton and wool that is really nice.  I think I might use that as the bottom layer and wool on top to see how I like it.

How is everyone else doing?  Do you have your fabric picked out yet?  Batting, thread?  have you started on your design?  I will be starting on my design later this week.

Happy Quilting