Accomplished Longarmer tries to Tame the Domestic machine

I am taking on a monumental task of learning how to quilt on my domestic machine.  There are a couple of reasons I have decided to give this a try.  The first is that I am stubborn and I refuse to believe that I can’t do it.  I tried to learn 10 years ago pre-longarm and it was not a good experience.  The second reason… I love to teach.  It is the best feeling in the world to see someone who thought they couldn’t do something and they realize that they can.  I love it .  So…. I would love to be able to teach domestic machine quilting as well as longarm quilting.  This is along with my design concepts which can be applied to anyone who quilts their own quilt….

I will post a series of videos along the way… join me, ask questions and please post comments so I know I am not talking to myself….which I do quite often.


Happy quilting


17 thoughts on “Accomplished Longarmer tries to Tame the Domestic machine

  1. Can’t wait I have been quilting on my janome 6600 for about one year, I’m still not the greatest quilter. I have about 6 quilts that need to be quilted! I have even tried to put my machine on a frame, I have been doing ok , but don’t like that I can sew only in a small area. I would like to thank you for help people quilt on are domestic machine!

    • This is going to be quite and adventure. If I can inspire just one person to give it a go on their domestic… it is all worth it. 🙂 let me know how you make out.

  2. LOL! This should be fun I just bought the bernina 750 also still not sure why but my old Bernina 930 electronic is 29 yrs old so I felt I deserved it. Will look forward to seeing how you like it!

      • I let them keep the bsr, I love my long arms to much. Mostly got it for piecing appliqué and use of decorative stitches. Plan on adding that into my small pieces. Was very glad to finally meet you, also. Received my new ruler from you the other day, will play with it next week and let you know how I did

  3. hi Lisa
    I am the opposite of you. I have been free motion quilting for 3 years on a domestic and now I am learning how to quilt on a frame with a Janome 1600P. I thought all longarm quilters started by qulting on a domestic but was amazed to discover this is not so. I’m sure you will be able to master it quickly as you already have the knowledge not to mention artistic talent. Good luck, I shall enjoy watching your journey.

  4. Can’t wait to see how your progress will relate to an HQ sit down. I have enjoyed this machine and will be glad to learn from your teachings.

  5. Good luck with it! I’m just the opposite – I love quilting on my domestic machine but just can’t get the feel of quilting on a long-arm, LOL!!

  6. Funny Lisa, I quilt on my domestic and want to learn to LA quilt….I’ll teach you if you teach me! LOL! Have fun. I have a Bernina 200E and love quilting on it.

  7. You are such a committed, and determined artist, that I am certain you’ll be a success at machine quilting! Just remember not to be too critical of yourself!!!

  8. You can do this!! I taught machine quilting on a domestic machine for about 15 years. I found that many of my students had taken a short class…..3 to 4 hours….on machine quilting on a domestic and they just didn’t ‘get it’ in that short time so they became frustrated and felt they were unable to master it so they gave up. My class was a minimum of a 2 day class and once in a while, a 3 day class depending on the venue. I had students stitch up a small sample quilt top and that was used for the first day’s project. I provided the 2 small projects for the 2nd day. It was a lot to pack into a 2 day class, but by the 2nd day, students started to see that light bulb light up and they knew they were on their way. The bottom line is……it takes time, PRACTICE, and giving one’s self *permission* to learn this new muscle memory task. That said, I believe it will take you less time to master domestic machine quilting now that you have excelled with the long arm machine. I had no problem moving to the long arm machine from the domestic when I made the switch in 2005. You already have the muscle memory thing going on from the long arm. The biggest challenge will be having to develop new strategies for those designs that you now use your template rulers with. It is a bit different when the machine does not move for ruler work.

  9. I would love to join you on your journey. I have a Pfaff Creative Perfomance and have yet to do anything but quilting straight lines on it. I also quilt on an HQ16, but am still learning on that as well. I think it’s great to have skills on all the machines and use them for what best suits the project. I would enjoy watching how you approach the learning on your DSM. Thanks for the opportunity to follow along.

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