Movin’ on Up!!

I bought my first BERNINA in 2002 and it has been invaluable in my quilting but the time has come to move on up.   I will be picking up my new BERNINA 750QE from Olde City Quilts on May 22nd!  I can’t tell you how excited I am.. but there is more….

I am now officially a BERNINA ambassador!  I am thrilled to be working with such an incredible company and one that produces such a great sewing machine.

I will be writing a couple of blog posts and doing some tutorials for the We All Sew blog.  I can’t wait to get started.

Happy Quilting



2 thoughts on “Movin’ on Up!!

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    Woohoo!!!  Good for you!!  I am the proud owner of FIVE Bernina machines, including a Bernina 830!  They are the best! Pat Richie…  

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