Customer Service isn’t dead

I have spent my life in customer service oriented jobs….. waitress, bartender, flight attendant, retail, longarm quilter….. I love working with people and always have.  I think it is safe to say that I am a customer service snob.   I love when I get service above and beyond  what is expected… sadly, it doesn’t happen very often.  I am thrilled to say that customer service, above and beyond, isn’t dead.  Enter Maddie Kertay of Spool.

I needed some fabric for a particular quilt and was perusing their website.  I found what I was looking for but was having trouble finding a suitable background fabric.    Maddie went above and beyond spending  the time to take pictures of 6 different fabrics and emailed back and forth till we got it narrowed down.  After she took the time to find out what my project was for, gave me her suggestion for the perfect background.  I finalized my decision….ordering both of the fabrics.  The next day I get a shipping notification.

My faith is restored ….. there are places where you can get good customer service and not just a begrudging hello when you walk in the door.  I am not a huge fan of shopping for my fabric online as I like to put my hands on it but Maddie made the experience wonderful!  Thank you from a certified customer service snob!!!

Happy Quilting


2 thoughts on “Customer Service isn’t dead

  1. Love love love Maddie Kertay. Was lucky enough to visit her store last fall right after she opened. She is wonderful. Came home with a load of fabric and my favorite “Bad Ass Quilter” travel mug!

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