MQX 2014 Part 3

My Divide and Design class is always one that f ills up.  This is great because I encourage people to walk around and see what everyone else is drawing.  It still amazes me how different everyone’s quilt top turns out.  Here are some pictures from class.

IMG_1393 IMG_1394 IMG_1395 IMG_1396 IMG_1397 IMG_1398 IMG_1399 IMG_1400 IMG_1401 IMG_1402 IMG_1403 IMG_1404

I am teaching this class at HMQS in Salt Lake City , Friday May 9th … come join the fun


Happy Quilting


3 thoughts on “MQX 2014 Part 3

  1. This is a fabulous class that really made me look at every quilt I quilt quite a bit differently! Really impacted my quilting – thanks, Lisa, for coming to Spokane last year and teaching this class!!!

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