Home from MQX East!

All I can say is WOW!  I love this show… if you have never been…. you need to go.  The venue is great!  Janet Lee and Mary are wonderful.  I so enjoy teaching there and plan to go back next year!!!

To all of my students….. thank you for making it such a wonderful experience.  I am so lucky I get to do what I love to do… it doesn’t seem like work.  The best is when I see that you, the student, gets it!

One of my new classes was Fast and Fun Feathers…. this is where you get to experiment and find YOUR feather.  Here are some pictures from that class.

IMG_1355 IMG_1356 IMG_1357 IMG_1358 IMG_1359 IMG_1360 IMG_1361 IMG_1362 IMG_1363 IMG_1364 IMG_1366 IMG_1367 IMG_1368 IMG_1369 IMG_1370 IMG_1371 IMG_1372 IMG_1373 IMG_1374


One of my students emailed me after….

I wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed your class on feathers this past week at MQX. A technique that has been baffling me for two years now became much clearer and I will be putting my new found knowledge to use as soon as I can get some practice fabric on the frame, in the meantime I will continue to doodle doodle doodle. Thanks again and I hope to catch up with you again someday at a show for more classes.

I love getting emails about your experience in my classes….

More on the other classes tomorrow.


Happy Quilting


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