Happenings on this snowy day!

Well, this winter has not been kind to us here in Eastern Pa.  We had some more snow here this morning.  Kids had a 2 hour delay.  😦  But now things are getting busy here in the studio…

If haven’t checked it out… you need to now… What? you ask… Essential Elementz… this is a pattern club by Urban Elementz!    This month’s club pattern is a collaboration between myself and Patricia Ritter…. it is called Lovegrass.  Now for those of you who live in the south and better yet golf in the south… you probably already know what love grass is, but for those of you who don’t know.  This is what it looks like… also called Weeping Lovegrass.  

imagesI am an avid golfer and I can tell you two things…. there ain’t no love in the love grass and if you get in it, you are weeping for sure!  It was after my annual trip to Hilton Head to play golf with my mom that this pattern came to be.. yes, you guessed it… I was in the love grass. 

here is my interpretation of it..



On the new DVD front… it is coming along and I am excited to announce that we will have what I call “classroom in a bag”!  More news on this in the next week.   

Ok back to work….

Happy Quilting 



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