March 9, 2014

First off, Thank you to all who supported the Adams family!!  The money has been raised and Savy will get her Bruno Valet seat!!  The family is very grateful!

Things have been buzzing right along here at Stone House Quilting.   In February, I taught down in Virginia Beach at Birds of a Feather and aside from being sick, I loved every minute of it!  The teachers are wonderful, the facility was great and the classes that the students got to choose from were top notch!

After having a blast in Virginia, it was time to focus on the filming of my latest DVD, Mastering the Mini, Wholecloth that is! So to start off I went to Olde City Quilts in Burlington NJ where I taught an all day workshop for a great bunch of eager students.  All the while, Jim and Brenda were filming away!  What fun.


Some of my students have already emailed me pictures of their finished mini’s and are on to the next one… it can become addictive because they are small.  The great thing about the technique that I teach is that it can be used for larger quilts as well.

Once the class was done, it was onto studio filming… Jim and Brenda made it a breeze but having to smile for 16 hours of filming can get a little tiring.

IMG_1256 IMG_1258 IMG_1260 IMG_1261 IMG_1263

The DVD should be ready by the beginning of April, along with the DVD, I will be selling a kit to help  get you started.

Here is a quick “commercial”

The other big news is that I have decided to retire from customer quilts…. at least till the end of the year.  I am so thankful to my customers who have gotten me to where I am, but it is time for me to concentrate on teaching.  I never thought I would love instructing so much.  The best is when the “lightbulb” goes off.  I am truly addicted.

I am revamping my website,, a little.  I have added some new products… my thread line is now available, my ProMini™ (stitch in the ditch ruler), and some of my other favorite products.  I will be adding to this in the future as well, so check back.

I still have some room in my classes at MQX!  Fast and Fun Feathers…. this really should be called finding your feather… I taught it at Birds and was amazed at what the students could do.  Divide and Design, this is based on my DVD.  if you struggle with what to quilt on a your top, this  class is for you.  Doesn’t matter how you quilt!! Mastering the Mini…. come see now to design your masterpiece.


Back to work now…

Happy Quilting


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