Outside of the Box

In most of my classes, I try and have my students think outside of the box.  I encourage them and in some instances hold their hand… why??? because we get stuck in the same routine and I believe that it blocks our creativity.

This week has been one of snow, snow and more snow… now last week, it was ice.  Thank goodness I got to escape with my friend Karen to Va. where I was teaching.  While I sweated it in the classroom…(no not really, I had a blast) Karen was sweating up in the room with her featherweight.  She was making string blocks for a charity… as I watch her iron and pick random strips to sew together, I could feel myself start to sweat and say… oh no, not those two fabrics together… that is horrible.  I did not say anything as she continued on her merry way.  Inside I was secretly jealous that she could so causally put  strip after unplanned strip together.  Why could I not do the same thing??

As many of you know, I have in the past tried to put together a scrap quilt and really struggled to make sure it looked good.  Well, after 3 days of telling students to get out of their box, I decided it was time to take my own advice.   Now, knowing full well that I would be tempted to stray from non planned scrappy look and try and match the fabrics… I enlisted help!  My 5 year old Brody!  We worked tirelessly, yesterday and today.  He pulled the strips and placed in them in the order to sew… no deviating.. at first it was quite hard and I thought for sure I would have a heart failure.  We did have one UGLY fabric that was the “main” fabric.  I am not quite sure why I bought it and some of you may recognize it.   After the first couple of strips, I felt liberated!  And YES, I was feeling more creative with some crazy ideas floating around in my head.  WOW!!  so here is my FIRST scrap quilt!  Can you believe I have been quilting for 17 years and this is the first scrap quilt.

IMG_1191 IMG_1192The moral of the story…. get outside of YOUR box and challenge yourself to do something new… a new color, harder pattern, enter a show… whatever it is, you will be inspired by yourself!!!

Thanks Karen!

Happy Quilting

4 thoughts on “Outside of the Box

  1. I don’t see any ugly here!!! Brody did a great job picking out the fabrics for each block! Way to get out of your control box 🙂 It is hard to put ourselves out there and take a chance, but you are right, it is something we need to do! Thank you for encouraging your students to do just that – I’m hearing you in my head and seeing your influence on my quilts and I LOVE IT!!!

  2. I love that you admit that there are places in the quilting world that you’re “in the box” and that as you climbed out of said “box” the creativity level jumped! Someday i’ll get to take your divide and design and play in your “box” because in my world your “box” has some really cool stuff to play with.

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