Feb 3, 2014…… snowing again!

I have lived almost my whole life in the NorthEast and frankly I am ready to fly south!  The snow this year has been out of control. My kids have another snow day today!  Now, if the kids weren’t home and it was snowing.. I’d get a ton of stuff done. 😉  As it is I am trying to get ready to go to Birds of a Feather on Thursday to teach 3 days of classes!  I am hoping the weather cooperates and lets me get there ok.  On the other hand, if I got stuck in Va at the Founders Inn and Spa, that might not be a bad thing.  LOL

As of my last update, I was struggling with a small inner green border on the center of my new competition piece.  Turns out the 5th time is a charm…. or maybe I just lowered my standards. Anyway the center is now complete and I just need to trim it down and piece it together with the appliqué blocks.  Then on to designing the borders.  Hopefully I will be able to start on that next week.

IMG_1142Like I said…. far from perfect but done…  yeah me!

I posted a photo of a quilt 2 weeks ago on Facebook that had some border issues.  With the customers permission I am posting here as well and how I resolved the issue.  First off, this can all be avoided by measuring those borders before just sewing them on and lopping the extra off.  A great idea that a good friend suggested was to lay your quilt on the floor and lay the border piece on top and cut the borders to size this way.  No measuring involved.  Thanks Karen Thompson!  We all get lazy at times but you do not want your border to look like this….

IMG_1113Now, this customer is wonderful and normally never has issues with borders.  She was rushing to get it to me and admitted she did not measure..  I decided to remove this border and cut it to the right size.  3″ of extra fabric was cut off and laid nice and flat…



Now I double checked the other borders and they did not seem to bad so I forged on only to find out that I should have indeed done all the borders.  Since this was now not an option, I went to plan B

IMG_1115This was unacceptable!  I ripped out the stitches so I could do a little border repair.  Once the quilting was removed.. I grabbed the seam ripper and separated the first border from the second border where there was the most fullness.  I them pulled the border tight and created a “false seam” by folding over the extra fabric.  I then basted the border into place for the customer to slip stitch it.



The bottom border….

IMG_1128This border had a seam already in it so I was able to use it.  I grabbed the trusty seam ripper and opened up the seam along with the seam along the border… (as you can see, the problem started with the first border)



I pulled the border fabric so there was no fullness and voila….

IMG_1130 IMG_1131Moral of this story…. measure those borders!  You do not want to get your quilt back from your longarm quilter with pleats and puckers!

I am off to finish with packaging kits for my classes and enjoying the snowfall…. NOT!

Happy Quilting







10 thoughts on “Feb 3, 2014…… snowing again!

  1. Not perfect??? I don’t see any imperfections!!! Give yourself a little grace here – it’s beautiful!!! Have a blast at the classes, you are a great teacher and all of us thoroughly enjoyed your classes here in Spokane!

  2. Lisa no matter how many times I tell my customers to measure their borders, I still get this problem from them! I even sent out a newsletter with easy directions and a diagram. People just don’t get it and think we can wave our magic wand! ehhh!

    Debbie G

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  3. Lisa thanks for giving the details about how you handled the wavy border issues on this quilt. I think so many customers just do not understand how to add borders. If they can sew it together, it must be okay, right? I recently had the opposite problem, where the inner panel of the quilt puffed out because the borders were shorter than required! Thankfully, it was a wall-hanging size, and I was able to address it by using a polyester batt over a cotton-poly blend. By combining the extra fullness provided by the batting, with appropriate filler stitching, it worked out. It was not for a show, just a Christmas decoration, and my customer was thrilled to have it done and on her wall for the holidays.

  4. Hello Lisa, I am also going to be in Virginia (took your class last year in Lancaster and also have a mutually friend in PA.) so I hear ya about getting there! My feeling, if I am there, teachers are there and a few extra cloths are there–snow’d in sounds wonderful! Meet you at the spa- Ahhhh!

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