WIP Progress update: Jan 19, 2014

As many of you know, I have been having some problems with my current competition piece.  Not the design but in executing the design.  I DO NOT want to have to develop a plan B so I am persevering as I love the design and refuse to believe that I do not have the skill to get this together. It might not win anything but by God, I will finish it the way I envision.

I got the 4 pieced border pieces together so they lay flat.  I made one piece for the inner green border but am not happy with the corners…. there are some inconsistencies with the width going into the corners.  This bothers me.  I will have to come back to address this issue as I decided to move on to the outer pieces.

Here is a picture of the green part  I am talking about.


I really need a very large piece of Templar to make a good template.  The freezer paper didn’t work very well.  Back to the drawing  board.

I moved on to the outer portion to create a square and realized that since there is no middle right now I needed to pin everything down, thank goodness I keep everything so I had my drawings.


I labeled the sides so as I made the outer pieces  I would know which went where.  They should all be the same….shhhh…. they aren’t.


I marked exactly where the corner points come to and had to adjust my curve slightly.

IMG_1122 IMG_1123

Then I had to figure out the best way to appliqué the piece on.  Since I needed to a little flexible so all of my points remained points, I decided to needle turn which I am not great at but worked.


Then came to corners…. I left fabric on the border pieces so that  I could miter them.  Right now the corner is only glued in place.  I am going to appliqué the other two sides and do all of the corners… gluing them down first to make sure that the block lies flat, then I will trim it down.


As for the small green border,  I think I am going to attach the interior star and possibly needle turn that as well.  Here’s hoping that there is no need for a plan B.  What a learning experience this has been….

Happy Quilting.


8 thoughts on “WIP Progress update: Jan 19, 2014

  1. did you try layering the freezer paper and ironing it together in order to make it stiffer? I usually use 3 layers for tricky pieces. Great design!

  2. For my larger pieces I use the self adhesive clear laminating sheets that I find at Staples, office max, etc…you can piece them by overlapping them, just stick them to your applique piece and away you go, it works like a dream. Your layout is gorgeous by the way.


  3. I have used a heavier weight non fusible interfacing for larger applique pieces. It gives you an edge to work with unlike freezer paper and comes in wide yardage. I’m sure it will be amazing however you get it done!

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