Really, Houston???

As many of you know from my Facebook post yesterday that I won an award at the International Quilt Festival in Houston.  The show is in Nov. so I need to be patient as to what place it won.  I am truly in shock as I did not expect to win anything, I was just so excited to be among the 51% of the quilts they accepted.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show… it is huge.  Roughly 68,000 people attend this show.

The show makes a huge deal of the winners, this would be why they notify so far in advance of the show as they want as many winners there as possible.   This year the Winner’s Circle Celebration is on Oct 29th.    This date has such a significant meaning to me and the quilt that won the award….

Swan’s Song

Calle_SwansSong_Detail Calle_SwansSong_full

The Quilt…… This quilt was actually the 2nd in a small series… Swan’s Journey was the first…

IMG_4852You can view the Making of Swan’s Journey here.

My father was diagnosed with cancer and this quilt was my sanity during his valiant fight.  Kind of like a prayer quilt.   On Oct 20, 2011 my dad lost his battle with cancer and my world forever changed.  We hung this quilt at his memorial on Oct 29th.  So now you know why that date is significant.

** I should have said that I knew the last time I saw my Dad on Oct 5th that  I was going to create this quilt.  The hardest order I have placed was when I got home and ordered the fabric as I knew it wasn’t going to be long.****

I knew as soon as he passed that I would create a whole cloth quilt in his honor.  I used the same quilting motifs that  I used in Swan’s Journey to create Swan’s Song.  My father’s initials are in the center and it is surrounded with 12 teardrop motifs that represent his wife , children and grandchildren.

So, it is so fitting that I would accept an award for this special quilt on a very significant date.  I am truly humbled by the support that I receive from my family, friends and online friends.  I am   very blessed.

Thank you


31 thoughts on “Really, Houston???

  1. I hope to watch you climb those stairs at Winner’s circle. I’ll even grab your hand if you start to fall backwards.
    Love the story about your quilt.

  2. Just beautiful Lisa,,,, this is a true “God thing”,,, I am sure there won’t be a dry face in the crowd behind the story in the creation of this wonderful tribute to your Father,, he is with you!!! =0)

  3. Lisa, the award is well deserved. Its a beautiful quilt and an even more moving story. Your love for your Dad and family shines through. I don’t believe in coincidences, so the whole story just sends chills up my spine. Congratulations and enjoy the moment, its a gift from your Dad.

  4. This quilt is so beautiful!! I’m so glad you brought it to Spokane when you taught the class earlier this year so we could see it in person – just a stunning tribute to your father!

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