First Day of School

Well, today was the first day of school here in the Owen J Roberts School district.  For those of you who don’t know, I have Brandon who is in 11th grade and will hopefully get his drivers license on Oct 2nd.  Noah is now in high school, God help me, 9th grade.  And last but not least we have Brody who has his first day of kindergarten today.  He was quite excited, can’t you tell.

IMG_0753Needless to day, there is no pictures of the older ones on their first day.  I think they hightailed it out of the house in order to avoid it.  LOL

Now that my cherubs are out of the house, I hope to get a lot done.  I have 4 new classes to prepare for, my appliqué quilt to finish and a sample for my new rulers to finish as well.  I hope to start quilting it this week.  Some of you may remember it.


I have started the design work and of course using my Divide and Design method, here it is divided.


Now to make sure I have the correct thread…. YLI here I come.  🙂

With the addition of the new rulers, ProEchos and ProCircles, I have been cleaning house.  I am selling a huge box of thread.  It has approx 70 cones of signature thread, 10 cones of aurifil and 34 misc (bottom line, highlights).  I am asking $250 + shipping.  This is a great deal!  Especially if you are just starting in the business!


Along with that I have some templates to sell as well.  $25 + shipping for all.  There are 2 judicators, a set of continuous curve and a couple others.

IMG_0755  Templates have been sold

With the addition of teaching, show quilts, ruler line and design work, my business has gone in a much different direction than I had anticipated.   I have decided to sell one of my long arms.

2007 A1 Elite Quilting Machine without stitch regulator on a 12 foot table, 2009 IntelliQuilter (panto only version) Easily can be upgraded to the full version through the IntelliQuilter website.

Includes: 2 sets of zippers for easy loading, pink center measuring tape,  bobbin winder, all my digital designs loaded on the IQ and free delivery and set up within 100 miles and 1/2 day of training. Located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Price is $17,100  Email me at if interested.

I have been working on my appliqué quilt for a while and have mastered the inner point (I think) and am now working on the outer points.  Will post pictures later.  🙂

Hope you all have a great day.!!!!

6 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. I am very interested in your templates you gave for sale for $25. Please let me know if they’re still available.  


  2. So exciting about the first day of school! I didn’t realize you were in OJR school district. My youngest just started KG at East Coventry this week. So fun. Would love the long arm, but wish I had more room for it!

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