August already??

Is it really August 1st??  Where did the summer go?  I will soon be getting the kids ready to go back to school.  AHHHH, it will be nice and quiet and I’ll get loads of work done, right??  Well, one can dream.  It is rainy here today so a good day to get things done.  The other day I was whining and complaining about feeling as though I was working like a dog but not getting things accomplished.  Well, I was watching Giuliana and Bill, yes, I am a sucker for reality tv, well some of the shows anyway, and Giuliana went to see a life coach.  Since Giuliana has a wee bit more cash on hand than I do, I won’t be going to see a life coach, however, her life coach gave her great advice.  Be in the moment, when you are at work, work!  When you are at home with your baby, be there.  Stop looking at emails and texts, they can wait till work time.  I have tried to take that advice and yesterday I only checked my emails 100 times instead of the 200.  LOL All kidding aside, great advice.   So this morning I was determined to finish a little quilt that I was piecing as a sample for my new ProEcho rulers.  Here she be…



Like Emerald Ilse, I hope to have a written pattern (available for download) as well as the corresponding quilting designs.  Who knows how long this should take… maybe I should go see a life coach??

I am still working on my new appliqué quilt.  I am trying not to show to much of it.  I am currently designing for around the appliqué.  Wish me luck as lightening has not struck with anything I have come up with.


Now on to some fun stuff!!!  Andi Barney has made this wonderful little quilt.  She quilts on her domestic machine so that makes her a goddess in my book.  🙂  I won’t bore you with everything except to tell you she used the Divide and Design technique…. see it does work for all quilters. Here is a link to her blog.



congrats Andi!!  A job well done.  BTW, my birthday is in May.  😉

Now onto some more designing…. have a great day!



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