So, I am not sure how you all display ribbons in your studio but I hang mine around the up by the ceiling around the perimeter of the room.  SOO, I was going to hang one and realized that my stool is upstairs.  Too lazy to go get it …. apparently too lazy to even take off my flip flop sandals… I get up on a not so sturdy bar chair.. as soon as the first foot is on and I hoist the second one up, the bar chair topples and we both fall into the machine that is currently running a panto.   HUGE bruise on shin, come scrapes on my fingers…. and the realization that this was really not a good idea.  I now have to rip out stitches because of course when i crashed into it the whole table moved.

Now on the upside… my ribbon sure does look purty hanging up there.

I am also hoping that this thread doesn’t run out before the end of the quilt or I will be up a creek. 😉


My current project is coming along nicely.  I couldn’t sleep all last night as I kept having “great” ideas as to what to do next.  I think I have come up with it and hope to show it all to you next week.  Here is where I am so far.

New Project


I have a question for all of you.  Do you have a name for your quilts when you start the quilt or is it when you are all finished that you come up with a name?  When I gathered all of my fabrics for this quilt I thought I had a name but alas it might not work… just so you know, the name was Tequila Sunrise.  Who knows, when I finish the whole project it might work again.

I know I posted a video of some new rulers…. I also stated on Facebook to someone that I don’t have anymore ideas for rulers…. well, that was the other thing keeping me up last night.  I think I do… I really need to get some sleep.  Maybe a notebook beside my bed will help.   Then when I have my ideas I can jot them down so I don’t forget and maybe get some sleep.

Till next time…. happy stitching!


12 thoughts on “Lessons…

  1. OUCH! Hope you aren’t too sore!

    I usually do have a name for my quilts when I begin. The name just seems to present itself during the design process.

    The new rulers look great…looking forward to buying them 🙂

  2. ok, you officially crack me up – crashing down onto a running machine. I won’t even allow the electrician over (one of the 2 lights over the longarm DIED) because there is a quilt on it. Maybe when the quilt is done you will come back to realize that to do that much applique, you must have consumed too many tequila sunrises?! They remind me of fabulous sherbet colors-

  3. Not only do I name my own quilts but I usually also name my clients’ quilts! Everything special needs a name – the longarm, the quilt, heck, fabrics are named and so are threads!

    Quilt names come at different stages … many times the name comes to me toward the end but every now and then the name and the visualization come simultaneously. Of course, you are allowed to change your mind! Or, at least I am!

    Be safe. It’s hard to quilt with a broken arm.

  4. So sorry about your fall, I’ve been tempted to get up on a chair myself. Always a bad idea. Anyway, names always come to me as I’m working on a piece. They speak to me, kind of. Always enjoy your posts, and your talent.

  5. So sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you heal fast. Tequila Sunrise sounds perfect. Do you ever come to quilt Fest in Houston to teach classes?

  6. ouch! I hope there was no permanent damage done to you or your machine! I’ve just been contemplating what I should do with the few ribbons I’ve acquired – I’ve seen pictures of them ringing rooms up high by the ceiling, and I think that’s what I’m going to do, too. (although I will do it from a proper stepladder – I sure don’t want to repeat your tumble!)
    Sometimes the names come first and the quilt follows, and sometimes the name comes as I’m working on them – and sometimes it never comes!
    I’m liking your current project!

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