May 2013

Wow, the spring show season has been fun.  Unfortunately I only got to one of the shows but had a great time.  Next year I am hoping to teach at HMQS!  I better get some new classes going.

Swan’s Song made the trip to HMQS this year, boy do I wish I could have tagged along… my quilt came in 2nd in the whole cloth category which is such a thrill.


My newest quilt, Red Velvet, got to go to MQS, again… wish I could go everywhere my quilts do.  She received a judges’s choice award.  🙂


I am currently working on a new quilt with some luscious hand dyed fabric from  Definitely getting some more!!  Love them.  I have decided to try hand appliqué for this particular quilt.  One of the main reasons is I was not happy with how the appliqué felt once I had blocked the quilt.  It was not really as soft as it should have been.  I can only think that the  stabilizer that is suppose to become fibrous once wet, did not get as fibrous as I wanted it to.  LOL  So this time around, no stabilizer, just some hand appliqué.  I am enjoying the process so far. However, I am struggling with one shape that has a very sharp inside point.  It is maddening.  I have tried 3 different ways to do it and I am still not happy.  If any of you have any suggestions, I am ALL ears.

Here is the center medallion.  It is an adaptation of one of my digital designs.


Here are the fabrics I have chosen… from CheFab , a division of Cherrywood Fabrics.


I just needed to make sure I liked the colors..


Yep, they are good to go.  I have gotten them all hand appliquéd now on to the swirl part.  This is the piece I am struggling with.  I might have to make it in two pieces so I don’t get any fraying in the inner point area.  Not wild about that idea but I think after three unsuccessful tries that is how I am leaning.

Wish me luck and if anyone has some inner point advice….. love to hear it.

At MQX, I was able to sell my rulers in my classroom.  It was wonderful because I allowed them to create their own set.  5 rulers for $120.  So since you all are home now and my rulers weren’t at HMQS or MQS, I thought I would let you create your own sets.  🙂   You will need to write in the notes sections which 5 rulers you want.  Please don’t forget that part.

Also for those of you who have purchased the Emerald Isle piecing pattern and digital patterns, the rest of the digital patterns should be available next week sometime.  We just need to test them.  Stay tuned.

have a great Monday!


15 thoughts on “May 2013

  1. you can make the swirl piece with a circle and the other part. It can also be done pretty easily with freezer paper with these materials since they are sort of tightly woven too.

  2. I have found reverse appliqué to help with those inside points where you have no room. Once appliquéd down you can repress the other way to raise it up. But….anyway you look at it it’s a bugger. The design is looking great. Congrats on your award.

  3. Congrats on all your ribbons – I saw the wholecloth somewhere in a photograph and it is spectacular! I also saw in Machine Quilters Unlimited the beautiful project that must have taken up a little bit of your time … great work. Thanks so much for sharing it!

  4. Those colors are GORGEOUS. Would you consider modifying the shape that’s causing you trouble? If I were attempting this, I’d bring the interior angle of the swirl in a little farther away from the center.

  5. I know you’ve said you don’t like the idea of doing the swirl and the circle as two shapes. But, what if you did a kind of color wash from the center circle the free floating one, and then the circle from your “deconstructed” swirl? This way it would look like you planned the radiating color with the circles.


  6. To stop the fraying use Fray Block by June Tailor, Inc. Also brush on liquid starch (starch sprayed into a cup) to the part of the fabric that you are turning under, just before pressing. Press until it is dry. This is Pearl’s technique. See

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