Whole cloth Challenge 2013



The issue has finally arrived!!!!  It was so hard to NOT post pictures of this quilt in progress.  I had the great pleasure of being asked to participate in a whole cloth challenge by Machine Quilting Unlimited, along with 5 other very talented quilters.

Here is Crown Jewels.  It

Crown Jewels IMG_0312 IMG_0313 IMG_0314

It was so much fun! Of course my photography doesn’t come close to Gregory Case’s pics! These 6 quilts will be displayed at HMQS. Make sure to look for them if you go.

23 thoughts on “Whole cloth Challenge 2013

  1. Oh my! Your designs are so inspiring . . . I just love it. You need to teach design classes at MQS in Wichita . . . Pretty please?

    • Thank you Amy! It is easier than most people think. I taught “Mastering the Mini, whole cloth that is” at MQX and I think it was a hit. I hope to have a DVD out later this year that will be based on the class.

  2. Absolutely STUNNING… Thanks for sharing that so we can droll and then strive to improve our skills. Someday hope to journey to your studio for a class…

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