Odds and Ends

Yeah, my quilt Swan’s Song won Best Machine Workmanship at PNQE.  Emerald Isle also won a judges choice ribbon.  This is amazing since this quilt was made quite quickly and was for the sole purpose of testing my Quilter’s Groove Rulers.  I think it taught me that maybe all the agonizing I do over my intended show quilts is pointless.  One can only hope I learned that lesson..

The Longwood Garden’s quilt got an honorable mention as well.  Congratulations ladies!  Job well done.

This quilt was three separate panels that hang side by side.  Unfortunately, the ladies have decided not to make a quilt this year.  *  I was mistaken, Longwood Gardens decided not to do the quilts*  What are they crazy???They were very large undertakings, as soon as the one quilt is done, planning and designing for the next would begin.  I had a lot of fun working on all 3 quilts but my favorite was the first.

Time marches on… maybe next year!

One of my biggest delights is seeing what my students (whether they purchased my DVD or actually came to a class) do with the information that I impart.  Here is a great example.  Maddie Kertay hit this one out of the ball park!  Enjoy but please don’t drool on your keyboard.  Can you believe she has only been quilting 9 months?

As some of you know, I am beginning to teach again.  Yeah!  What you might not know is that it terrifies me.  I love it and hate it.  I get so nervous when I teach.  I’m not sure why,so far no one has stood up and thrown fruit at me.  But I told myself this year, I am getting out of my comfort zone and just doing it.  I will be at MQX East in April on Wed April 10th and Thursday April 11th.  So looking forward to it!

I have also committed to speaking at some guilds next year.  This is say out of my comfort zone, but I figured I would do what I normally do…. throw myself into the deep end and hopefully I will not sink.  I also have some dates for classes in my studio.


If you have a group and would like to schedule a workshop either in my studio or in yours. email me at Lisahcalle@me.com

I have also been working on my website!  I now have a wholesale application online and my wholesale customers will be able to order on line and pay with a credit card if they like.  I am working on getting a button that says “bill me” as I know many of you like to get an invoice.  🙂

I am just about done my first piecing pattern, Emerald Isle.  Thank you to Denise Green for testing it for me.

Here is a picture. You might recognize the quilt. If you are looking for an easy quick pattern so you can try out the “Divide and Design” technique, this one is great and gives you lots of space to play.  I will announce when the pattern is on the website!

I am currently working on a top secret project that I can’t show anyone.  It is killing me that I won’t be able to reveal it till next year. I like it so far but I do have a habit of disliking my projects towards the end.  Hopefully I can move along on it quickly and that won’t happen!

Have a great hump day!

8 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. Well smack me silly!.. that is my quilt up there. and while I have only been seriously quilting for 9 months I have had my LA for 2 years.. first which I learned in tentative steps and then a year where is functioned as the world’s most expensive cat bed- really. At the first of this year I decided that I really wanted to work on this craft.. which now explains why my house is a mess! 🙂

    Lisa, I am tickled pink that you will be at MQX East.. this gives me a reason to go!

    • That was one expensive cat bed! Even if you had been at it for 2 years, you are crazy good. I’d love to meet you at MQX EAST! I taught there way back and it was a blast. I am so happy they moved back to Manchester, NH ! I am hoping to do some EPIC sh-t soon. Well something that I can reveal. 🙂

  2. Okay, I knew that I had seen that quilt recently!!! Lol, of course at the quilt convention this past Saturday. Pictures do not do the quilts any justice, one needs to view these quilts in person. A W E S O M E ! S T U N N I N G !
    are a couple words that came to mind…

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