July 1

Well, it has been an interesting month here.  This is not quilt related!

My Mom came for a visit on June 12 and was to stay till June 20.  On June 19th she was admitted to the hospital with a serious bleeding ulcer.  We are lucky because it was so severe and she had no symptoms till she threw up blood but this could have had a much different ending.   After trying to stop the bleeding with the new non invasive approaches, which did not work, they removed part of her stomach on Thursday.

She came through the surgery fine but is in a lot of pain.  The recovery will take quite some time, aside from the surgery she has arthritis in her back hip and knees.  She has been in bed for almost 2 weeks.  Physical  therapy will visit her now that she is out of ICU.  I hope she is a cooperative patient.  Those that know her, know she is one stubborn woman.  LOL

Once she is released from the hospital, PT will determine whether a rehab is necessary,  if not she will be recovering here at my nice quiet house, with 3 children, 1 dog, a wonderful husband and an in home business.  Maybe she will feel well enough to fill orders.  Just kidding!

I am trying to conduct business as usual so all orders are still going out.  🙂

Thank you to all who have emailed!  I appreciate the support.



6 thoughts on “July 1

  1. Praying for your mother’s speedy recovery.

    I’ve looked for an email contact on both your blog and your store site but can’t find a private email address. I have a question about the batting you use in your quilts. Am I right that you use more than one batting in the quilts? I’m just guessing by looking at the quilt photos. In some pictures it appears to be a puffy and a flat batting combined and in others it appears to be only a puffy. Do you have a preference?

    • Thank you. My mom is doing much better.
      As for batting, In Swan’s Journey, I only used a wool batt and didn’t quite achieve the look I wanted. I like to use a flat batt for a base and then a layer of wool on top of that. Hope it helps. I tend to use Quilter’s Dream products.

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