May 16th…

I seem to have trouble coming up with names for my posts.  So I have decided it might be best if I just use the date…

Time flies… Brody just turned 4. and my birthday was 2 days before his.. I won’t tell you how old I am.  Let’s just say, I am not getting older, just my children. 🙂

I am please to announce that Swan’s Journey won 3rd place at HMQS!  and my Riley Blake Fabric Challenge Quilt, Neon Lights, won a Judges Choice!  Yeah!!

I am working on getting the curved version of the Quilter’s Groove Rulers done.  2 are now with Ron getting made into prototypes!  now onto designing the small versions.  I am so excited!   My first sale on my site went great and I want to thank everyone!  My friends and customers are the best.

I am currently working on designing a New York Beauty quilt, I will be using colors that are not in my comfort zone, so please wish me luck.  I hope it turns out ok.  I will post pictures of my progress.

As some of you know, I enjoy golfing as well as quilting, although I am not very good.  I am looking forward to the next 4 weeks!  I have 3 tournaments I am playing in, 2 of them with my Mom.  Can’t wait Mom!  Let ‘s hope I play well.

If you happen to be at MQS, Sue Schmieden of The Quilting Connection is selling my rulers, DVD and some of my pantographs!  Stop by and see her!  My quilt Swan’s Song is there as well.  🙂


Happy Quilting



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