QNN TV Free March weekend

If you have been meaning to check out QNN TV, this weekend is the time to do it.  It is free this weekend.

go to www.QNNtv.com/FreeMarch

You can catch my episode on Divide and Design, Debbie Trevino gives some great info on batting and much more.  It was a blast.

It must be spring, I cleaned out my closet and have a bag of clothes to donate… now to work on my challenge quilt.  If I don’t have it finished this weekend I am in BIG trouble!

2 thoughts on “QNN TV Free March weekend

  1. Watched the segments last night. Your a natural on screen too!

    Just wanted to let you know the Longwood Quilt was hung on Friday with alot of oohs and aahs! Your ears must have been burning!!!! I wish the lighting where it hangs was as good as the lighting were we first showed it because the night panel is just not seen as well. I don’t know if you look at this blog, but check it out to see some fantastic pics of your work.


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