HMQS Challenge Quilt Update

As some of you know, I am madly working on piecing together my challenge quilt for HMQS.  Thank goodness, Leslie had pity on us poor souls who are behind and extended the deadline another week.  Thank you Leslie!

Last update, I had my corners done and was going to work on my border units.  Here is today’s progress so far.

Here is a picture of my pieces for 1 border unit..

I love Sharon Schamber’s method of paperless paper piecing!  Along with her piecelique for curved piecing.   Makes everything come out perfect!  I can’t stand to rip out paper.

Here I have my gray pieces in place on my master template.

Now in the picture you can see a bottle of glue, yes, you actually glue your pieces into place and then sew them.  It allows to reposition your pieces so that all of your points match up.

This next picture, I have all of my first row of  triangle in place, glued and then heat set.

As you can see, you are working on the back of the quilt.  Here is the entire border unit glued and ready for sewing.

You can see how perfect you get those points.  This is just glued in place so if you see something you don’t like, you can fix it before you sew it.

Off to the sewing machine….

One thought on “HMQS Challenge Quilt Update

  1. Lisa, I just learned about your blog at my Handi-Quilter club meeting at Erica’s in South Bend, IN last night. Your quilting is awesome!! I am a real beginner at piecing and quilting, but have purchased both your DVD’s and hope to get a lot of practice once I am retired in a few months. This paperless piecing method of Sharon Schamber’s looks delightful. Do you know which of her tutorials I should purchase to learn the method for making these beautiful curved border pieces? Thanks a million. I know that your blog and your DVD’s are going to be wonderful motivation for me.

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