Time Flies

Has it really been 5 days since my last post….. wow!

I realized after working on Patricia’s quilt that this design needs to be much simpler than I originally thought.  It needs to sell the designs that Urban Elementz sells in their booth!  So I have rethought the design.  I am doing a simple double piano key border with the Quilter’s Groove™ ProLine 1 Ruler!  It is looking great!  I am also using a new design that Patricia and I worked on together called Spider Lily!  I will take pictures soon!

I am so excited, back in August I traveled out to Salt Lake City to the HandiQuilter headquarters to film an episode of Quilt It! The Longarm Show.  I had such a blast, the people at HandiQuilter are top notch!  Well, my episode is now airing at http://www.QNNtv.com. I am going over the Divide and Design technique.    You need to have a subscription to watch but you have access to all back episodes!  Debbie Trevino did a great job explaining batting, Kim Brunner has been on numerous times.  It is definitely worth it.

My DVD, Divide and Design:  The Cure for Quilter’s Agoraphobia, is now available to preorder.  It will be shipping the week of the 19th.  I also have my book and DVD, Feathers of a New Generation, at a great price of $24.95 for the set!  Check them out at http://stonehousequilting.danemcoweb.com/shop/category/books-and-dvd-s/

I am working on a challenge quilt for HMQS,  it will be auctioned off during the show. I have finally figured out the borders!  I went through way too many tries to get this one right.  I will post some pictures hopefully tomorrow once I get some of  it pieced!

The weather here is a beautiful 65˚!  I officially have spring fever!  What about you?

3 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. Lisa, I’ve been waiting to get your rulers to go along with your new book/dvd. I’ve got a question: After I’ve learned your techniques and the lessons you provide, I feel I would refer to a book more naturally as reference, more than I would a dvd (messing with running the computer and finding the section I needed. But, of course, the dvd shows much more than the book can, especially to learn from first. So… what do you think? With what your presenting and how it’s presented, do you think the dvd format without the book is better? Are you going to have a combined price for all 3? I hope this makes sense.

  2. Ahhh, okay. I was confused. I didn’t realize I was looking at your “Feathers” combo. Now it makes sense. 2 different things. Okay… I’m putting in my request now. I’ll see if I can order the rulers along with the DVD, and have them ship at the same time. If you see my request, I succeeded. THANKS!!! Excited!

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