Learning how to avoid the pitfalls!

When you begin your design work on a quilt, just sketch what you see, don’t worry about how you will make it work.  I start off by dividing my quilts with channels so that I will be designing for smaller areas.  I always start in the center of the quilt.  I find that once I have the center exactly how I like it, I just incorporate the same types of dividing lines in the outer areas.

You saw a first draft in my previous post.  As I looked at that design, it was full of areas that might not work out how I envisioned it.  Let me be more specific.  The center had a lot of straight lines.  The angle the lines were at in each of the blocks meant they would have to line up perfectly or the final product might look “off”.  You have to know your limitations!  If you aren’t great at ruler work then limit the amount you will have to use your ruler or come up with creative ways to hide your mistakes.

Hmmm….. did I say mistakes, I think I meant to say design elements.  Since  I know I would have a hard time matching up the lines, I might echo the blocks so that the lines don’t have to match!  Or , my new best friend is the “floating” lines and crosshatching.  This can hide a wide variety of mistakes.

Here are what I hope will be my last dividing lines for this quilt.  Since this quilt is large, I might have to add more dividing lines once I get started.  I won’t know for sure till I start quilting them since we haven’t drawn to scale.


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