Let’s see how good I am at blogging….

I am not the best blogger so the next project is to see how good I can be.  I am working on a quilt that Patricia Ritter of Urban Elementz gave me.  It will hang in her booth at Paducah.

The goal:  Try and use some of my digitized designs along with freehand.  Of course using my new Quilter’s Groove Rulers.

I am going to take you through my process with a series of pictures and videos.  How I chose my designs, thread, etc.  I hope to post something every couple of days.  I am hoping you all will keep me on track!

Here is a picture of the quilt.

 Now here it is in black and white.  I find it easier to start designing with a black and white picture.

Now to get to work!  You can play with me.  Print the B&W picture out and see what designs you come up with.

Have you seen the new Machine Quilting Unlimited?  I have an article in the issue!  Yeah, it is all about the Divide and Design technique.  🙂


5 thoughts on “Let’s see how good I am at blogging….

  1. Hey Lisa – I read your article – love it! I need to try this on my quilts. It’ll be interesting to see what you do with this. 🙂 Have fun! Cristyn

  2. Hi Lisa, Yes I got my MQU mag. today. Was flipping thru on the walk back from the mailbox and saw Swan’s Journey and thought,”I know that quilt!!!” A great article. I Love the Quilter’s Groove ruler, for the first time, I can make straight lines. They work great, even I can do it. If you need testimonials, let me know!

    • Hi Nancy! I am so glad you like the ruler! I am just about finished Swan’s Song. I would be happy not to see another ruler for a while. LOL
      I would love it if you could post a testimonial. If you go to my website and create an account, I believe you can then comment on products. Thanks!

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