Slow going

It is hard to believe that it is Feb 16th already.  Where did January go?  I feel like I missed it completely.  LOL

Swan’s Song is slow going but I am finally on the outer border of the quilt.  I know, some of you are saying, “What does she mean the outer border?”.  I guess most people work from top to bottom.  I  work from the center of the quilt to the outer edges especially when it is a quilt with a center medallion.  This particular quilt is a whole cloth but the center is still the focal point.

Here is it before I start on the border.

It is in black and white because I printed it out and was drawing to find out what angle I liked best for the outside borders.

Divide and Design:  The Cure for Quilter’s Agoraphobia is just about to go off to the replicator!  I can’t wait.  Should be ready for sale in roughly 2 weeks.  Yeah, finally.  I feel like it took forever.


Off to finish the borders!


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