The Name? the story

I need some help with a name for my whole cloth.   For those that don’t know…..It is dedicated to my father who lost his battle with cancer on Oct 20th.  I made one quilt, Swan’s Journey, while he was fighting the disease.

I need you all to help me with this one….either Swan’s Finale, Swan’s Song, or Swan Song. What do you think?  Here is a part of the quilt….



This will debut at MQX East!  Thanks for your help.

11 thoughts on “The Name? the story

  1. S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R work! I AM sorry to hear of your father’s passing. Your passion shows in your work.
    Swan Song is a great name for this quilt as these two words are associated with a final act before death …


  2. Lisa, just to confuse the issue, because of the name of the first quilt I like Swan’s Finale, but Swan Song would be appropriate for anyone viewing the quilt who didn’t know the story behind it! The quilt is going to be gorgeous, and your father would be proud of it no matter what name you decide on.

  3. Swan’s Song is certainly fitting. Swan’s Destination or Swan’s Arrival? This quilt does indicate a “heavenly” feeling. So beautiful. Such a tribute.

  4. I don’t like finale because it is so final and your Dad will live on in your heart forever, also you will be with him in heaven someday, so I like Swan’s Song because songs are beautiful and can give you joy, they can also bring back happy memories. Hope this makes sense.

  5. While I like the idea of Swan’s Song, to me a swan song indicates a final, magnificent effort after a life of mediocrity, and I don’t think that’s what your dad’s life was ~ from your descriptions, he seemed to live and enjoy and give throughout his time here.
    I like Maggie’s images of destination or arrival.
    What about Swan’s Grace?
    Or something link Swan’s Dance, to celebrate his life? (kind of conjures up the image of the Swan Lake ballet.)
    Whatever you settle on, it is such a lovely tribute to your dad and your relationship with him.

  6. Sorry I’m a little late on replying. I agree with you that Swan’s Song is the best choice 🙂 We all are so blessed by you sharing your talent and your Dad is blessed to have such a thoughtful daughter 🙂

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