I am slowly making progress on my whole cloth. I am also driving myself mad with the micro stippling….. Here is where I am so far..

5 thoughts on “Progress…

    • Thanks so much! I am working on the outer border areas. I have some space to fill and am working on something special. Hope it works out. Congrats on your win! Your quilt was AMAZING! Any chance it will be at the AQS Lancaster show?

  1. Awwww, shucks! Thank you! But no, it won’t be in Lancaster. I’m still learning about all of this quilt show stuff and was actually thinking of retiring my quilt after Road (actually, I wasn’t even going to send it to Road!) even though I just finished it in April. Anyway, I did manage to enter it in the Mid-Atlantic quilt festival and MQX West?!

    • Good for you! It is beyond words! Can’t wait to see your next one. Is that what the roses are for? I am glad you decided not to retire it. keep it going. It has a life of about 3 years.

      • Wellllll, the roses were supposed to be for my next one! But they take soooo long to stitch and I need soooo many of them, I decided to scrap that idea and I’m going to figure out something else to do. I’m not too crazy about this one but we’ll see!

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