Took Today off and had fun

It isn’t often that I have some time to work on my own things.  Since I have finished the Longwood Gardens quilt, I thought I deserved a break.  I have two projects I am currently working on.  Yes, you heard me right 2! Not sure which one has more of my attention as I am excited about both of them.

The first is a whole cloth I have been planning for a while.  The fabric is an ivory sateen that I got from Christian Lane Quilters.  It is yummy.  I am using YLI silk thread.  Here is a quick peek.

The next is the fabric challenge for HMQS.  We were given a pack of fabric, black and whites from Riley Blake’s Tuxedo collection.  We are only allowed to add 4 additional fabrics but can use anything in the Tuxedo Collection without penalty.   Here is a peek at that.  Way to much fun!!

Yep, the center is appliqué.  The pattern is from a quilting design on Swan’s Journey.  You might notice the similarities with the quilted pattern right above.  Minus the feathers and crosshatching.  The background is going to be gray, and I think I am going to add one really bright color to make everything pop!   Stay tuned!


Also a quick note:  My Quilter’s Groove Rulers will be at Road to California, in The Quilting Connections booth!  Yeah!  Stop by and tell Sue I sent you.  🙂

5 thoughts on “Took Today off and had fun

  1. Dear Lisa-

    On behalf of Carol and I, and everyone else who will be making quilts for the auction, please feel free to forget to finish the quilt. We stand no chance against you. LOL!


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