Yesterday I decided to finish up some unfinished projects. One I threw out, the directions were horrible and I didn’t like it that much to try and figure it out. Fabric into the stash! I did however get an old BOM out. I still have to put the borders on. I realized what a horrible piecer I was before I became a machine quilter. I couldn’t sew a 1/4inch seam if my life depended on it. but I like the quilt so onward. Here it is….

Now on to the last bit of filming for “Divide and Design: The Cure for Quilter’s Agoraphobia”

11 thoughts on “UFO’s

  1. LIsa, perhaps at this point it doesn’t make any difference to you, but two corners of the top left yellow block are turned. Some of the quilts I have made, I’ve left the mistake in… others I NEEDED to fix.

    Either way, I love the vibrancy of this top!! The use of light and dark values in each block just makes it glow. It may now need to be on my “some day” list.

    • I haven’t decided whether or not to fix that star. It is up in the air. I still need to put on the borders! I love this quilt too. I can’t believe I let it sit for that long. I should be ashamed of myself. 😉

  2. So glad you didn’t throw this one out! Love the colors and can’t wait to see what you do for the quilting. That was a tease with the filming–anxious to see when the DVD is available.

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