Hilton Head!!

We are here in beautiful Hilton Head, South Carolina!  A well needed vacation.   We have brought our 3 boys and two of their friends.  They are having a blast.  What’s on tap for this evening…..they are going parasailing!  Should be a great time.

I played golf today with my Mom.  Shot a 97!  It seems as though that 89 is running away.  Will I ever break 90?  Maybe I need to find the easiest course there is and start there.  😉    Jon and I plan on playing together this week, hopefully with my Dad!  He is currently on his way home from Houston after his first treatment in this trial study.  We are praying that this is the Silver Bullet to whip this thing in the ass and send it packing!

I am looking ahead to when I return home.  I am anxious to finish Plain Jane!  Even though it is just a little sample, I am having a blast!


Once I return home,  I am not there for long before I go off to a quilt related adventure.  I will tell you all about it once I return…..


On another note,  Hula Hibiscus won a Judge’s Choice at Quilt Odyssey 2011~  The quilts that were posted were absolutely beautiful~  I wish I had taken the time to get to the show as I know that pictures don’t do them justice.

Off to go play….. hope everyone is staying cool!







5 thoughts on “Hilton Head!!

  1. Your quilting gives Plain Jane heart and soul! Absolutely stunning!
    Oh that I could do what you do — make fabric, thread and machine sing!


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