Lots going on!

Things have been so busy since summer started.  Hard to keep up with everything.   Swan’s Journey is still being tweaked.  LOL   There were a couple of things that bothered me about it so I decided to fix them .  I put the quilt back on the frame for some additional quilting (after ripping out some areas).  I am currently hand beading the edges and I am almost done.  Here is quick peek.

Once I have the outer edge done, I will determine if more is needed.  It is taking a while.

I am quite excited.  I had some designs from this quilt digitized and they are almost ready.  Here is a peek at some of the elements that I put into a wholecloth.

I am excited to stitch this out!  I will, of course, post pictures when I do!


There are some exciting things happening!  First, I am adding classes to my website for the fall.  My new class, Quilting Agoraphobia, is about learning to not be afraid of those quilts with a sea of white!  The more open space the better.   I am still working on the class outline so I am not sure how long the class will be but I will keep everyone updated.

The other exciting news will have to wait a little while but stay tuned!


I wanted to thank you all for your prayers for my father!  He is still battling the big C.  His last treatment gave him alot of numbness in his hands and feet so he stopped that treatment and started a pill form of chemo.  That didn’t work well  so we are waiting to hear if he qualifies for a different clinical trial.  Please keep him and my Mom  in your prayers!  He continues to feel well and plays golf which is wonderful that he can continue to do something he loves to do.


Well, gotta go work on some quilts!  Have a great weekend!


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