Introducing Swan’s Journey!!

Well, it seems that I produce about 1 quilt a year.   This year’s quilt is Swan’s Journey, which is dedicated to my father,  George Swan Hagstoz Jr.,  who is undergoing treatment in Houston for cancer.  He had a short but sweet remission from the first diagnoses. While I am sure he has his moments, he has always had an incredible fighting attitude through this ordeal.  He truly has to be one of the strongest people I know and I am proud to call him Dad.

This quilt was started when he was first diagnosed with bladder cancer back in April 2010.  I took the time while working on this quilt to pray for my Mom and Dad and reflect on how fortunate I was to have such a loving family growing up.  Not everyone is as lucky.   I ask that when you see this quilt, whether it be at a show or just a picture on the internet,  you take a moment and pray for my father and  all cancer patients and their families.  Cancer is an epidemic that targets everyone!


Please Enjoy the Journey as I did.

Please respect that my designs are my creation and there for copyrighted!

25 thoughts on “Introducing Swan’s Journey!!

  1. WOW! Lisa, I certainly can see where you got the inspiration from for this quilt. Your dad sounds like an amazing man, I pray that he will be okay for many more years.

    Your design and quilting on this quilt are so beautiful and unique…I only hope to be this good some day….God Bless you and your family, the quilt’s name is wonderful!

    • Absolutely beautiful! From one quilts lover to another, what a wonderful labor of love! I keep your family in my prayers. You dad is a wonderful person.
      I have a true appreciation of quilts as we have 38 of them almost all prior to 1900 (althought I don’t quilt). Amazing dad, amazing mom….amazing daughter! Thanks for sharing.
      Karen Williams

  2. Lisa….What a dedication!! Your quilt is stunning. I loved watching each step of your design process. You are one talented lady. Thank you for sharing.


    • Rebecca,
      Thank you. I would love to get my act together and teach again… Maybe this year. LOL Once can only hope.

  3. OMG Lisa! That is the most exquisite quilt I have ever seen. What a wonderful tribute to your dad. I hope this will be entered in some big shows (I know it will be accepted), and you win big with it. The quilt and its story are wonderful

    God bless you.

      • I’ll be at MQX West this year. Maybe both next year. I’m retiring on Thursday! But, I’ll be working for the next six months to afford to buy an IQ.

        I really mean it – that is THE most gorgeous quilt I have ever seen. Ya done good, gal!

      • Congrats on the retirement!! Then you’ll have time to quilt. You will love the IQ, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

  4. Lisa, that is so beautiful that it make me cry!! Thank you for sharing! I am praying for your Dad, your Mom, your family and of course, you!! I am proud to say that you are my friend! I love you. Bobbie L

  5. Absolutely Beautiful!!! You are truly blessed by being able to create such beautiful art! It is just incredible! Thank you so much for sharing !!!! Prayed for you and your dad while watching… Your dad must be so proud of you!

  6. Absolutely exquisite, Lisa ~ I especially like the swans around the teardrop shapes in the corners ~ you are such a clever, artistic, talented girl! And you and your tiny feathers …
    Good thoughts are coming your way for both your father and your family.

  7. What a beautiful presentation and thank you for showing some of the decisions you made to come up with this, Lisa. My wishes for your father’s treatment to be completely effective in getting the cancer out of him this time – I’m sure he’s getting the best medical minds working on it in Houston.

    • Hi Cheryl,
      Thank you. Sometimes I think I have more fun putting together the video than I do the quilt. LOL the video is much easier.

  8. Dear Lisa: I wish I could meet you in person to see the wonderful person that you are. I’m sure you’re grateful for your God-given talent. Thinking of you and your family ~

  9. Oh my, oh my your quilt is stunning. You are one talented lady and thank you for sharing your snap shots on how it progressed. WOW once again.

  10. Beautiful message and beautiful quilt from a beautiful woman. We are praying all the times for George and it was interested to learn his middle name is Swan after knowing him for many years. I lost my mother, father and brother from the dreaded disease always support the cure in anyway I can. Prayer always helps.

  11. Lisa,
    How absolutely beautiful! What a talent you have and the colors are gorgeous..
    Your Dad and I grew up together and he played baseball for my Dad! I have known and loved George since we were very young.
    I have been cooking for Barbara and George on his treatment days since he started last year. I have also known your Mom since she was a little girl!
    They have been in our daily prayers since his initial diagnosis and they continue to be in our prayers and thoughts always.
    George has an attitude that all cancer patients should possess, as attitude with this disease is what gets you through the worst of times.
    We love them.
    Gwen and Richard

  12. Dear, Dear Lisa:

    I am absolutely in awe of your talent and dedication to your profession. This is such a beautiful creation for one of the bravest friends Oppie and I have ever known. We can truly appreciate your love for your parents as shown in this beautiful work of art. George’s positive attitude and steadfast
    determination has been such an inspiration to so many people. This work of love and of beauty is one of the most endearing tributes I have ever witnessed. It is with tears of joy that I thank you for sharing Swan’s Journey with us. You know Barbara and George are always in our prayers.

    Love and Hugs to you………Judie & Oppie

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