For a Goal oriented person this is killing me…

Things have been crazy busy here as I am sure they are at your house too.   Finished all of my Christmas quilts early this year,  the plan was to quilt my own and have it ready for the MQX deadline.  Unfortunately at this point I am hoping for a miracle.  Here it is, it is not even loaded on the machine yet.

I am so bummed.  The deadline is Jan 15th….not going to happen.  Someone send me a box of tissues. ….


I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday!!!!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


7 thoughts on “For a Goal oriented person this is killing me…

  1. Lisa, try not to get bummed about missing the deadline. When this happens to me, I always look at it as an unexpected opportunity to really work hard on my design plan. For example, my DVD quilt should have been done a year ago but I let it slide while other more important stuff came up. During that time, time when my quilt should have been long finished, photographed and sent out to the world, I came up with the *perfect* new filler pattern that will totally make this quilt. If I had gotten the quilt done on time, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as cool as it will be with the filler. So you missed a dealine, so what? You were just given the gift of more design time, so go for it! Make this quilt rock.

    your Stalker

  2. I’m with Kimmy on that one.. it’s a gift.. just more time to have to work on it.. you rush and you won’t be happy..
    I just did that… rush.. too close to deadline.. and wasn’t happy with the way it was hanging… so.. consider this just a gift of time to plan.. you’ll be early for next year!

  3. Wowzers, Lisa. That is so pretty. You might email JL and ask if you really need to have it quilted before the deadline. If it’s not possible, there’s always MQS, and then MQX WEST! Can’t wait to see how you quilt this. I’m sure it will be spectacular.

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