November is here….

Well, again it has been awhile since I blogged.   I have had alot going on.  Starting with the new Intelligent Quilting website.  It is now up, we are still working out some kinks but Karen and i are quite pleased.  However….  we had to play catch up on getting the new designs up, which were a couple hundred.  We are still adding new ones weekly.  Make sure you check it out at

I have applied the last border to my next quilt and just need to finish the applique.  I say finish like it will be quick and easy but that is not going to be the case. I am struggling with a name for this one.  I would like to have Swan be somewhere it the name as this is my Dad’s middle name.  Once the piecing is finished  I will post the top.  I have set aside the month of Dec to quilt it.  LOL  Let’s see how that goes…

I have received the Longwood Gardens quilt for this year.  Here is a picture of last year’s quilt.  It won Viewers Choice at  PNQE this year.

Here is this year’s quilt.  I have just started it so will try and keep  showing the progress as I go.   It was too big to get a picture of the whole quilt.

On a completely different subject…. I have joined a gym.  Now I know what some of you are thinking….what the heck does she need that for??  Well, I am blessed with a great metabolism but I am soooo out of shape.  I turned 41 this year and I feel much older.  I have had shoulder issues since the beginning of the year and thought if I ignored it then it will go away.  Can you believe that I was wrong??  So, instead of bitching about my aches and pains I decided that I would add to those with new aches and pains.

Last week was my first workout with my personal trainer,  OMG, I warned her I was out of shape.  I pretty much hobbled out of the gym.  For the next 3 days, I had to go down the stairs on my butt because my stinking legs were so sore.  Thank goodness I knew it was temporary and each day it got better.

Today was my 2nd workout with the personal trainer.  (now the 1st trainer was a woman, today I had a man, I think I like the man better) He had a much better personality and while he kicked my ass he did not make me work my legs today.  For this I am extremely thankful as they are still pretty sore.  Now my arms will probably fall off by tomorrow but at least I can walk.   I know that the more I go the less sore I will be.  My problem is I am suppose to do 1/2 hour of cardio at the end of the weights and I HATE cardio.  I did 15 minutes of a fast walk and thought I was going to die.   Wed is my next session and the trainer warned me we are doing the whole body whether I am sore or not..   UGHHH   Please someone tell me that this will be worth it as I age not so gracefully.  Arthritis in the back runs in my family!!!

4 thoughts on “November is here….

  1. Lisa,
    Congrats on starting with a trainer. I started last March with a personal trainer and am amazed and how much better I move, how much more mobility I have everywhere. I still don’t like exercising but clearly it is beneficial to the body and I keep going. Smart to do it at 41 and not waiting until almost 60 like I did!

    Looking forward to seeing the Longwood Garden quilt! Since I live 5 minutes away from Longwood, I will be sure to pop in and see it.

    Oh – loved the article in Machine Quilting!

    Terry Timberlake-Kinter

  2. It is definitely worth it. I have been lifting weights for years and feel great most of the time and that ain’t bad for an almost seventy year old. I tell myself that every other day when I don’t want to get up and work out! I can come up with so many excuses not to go but my feeling good out “weights” them all.
    Bobbie L

  3. Lisa,
    What beautiful creations!!!
    I have been exercising forever. And when I feel bad ,It is becaused I skipped too many days of workouts.My arthritis
    pain kind of melts away with the workouts. But rest days with gentle stretching are needed too.See you at the beach!
    Aunt BettyAnn 62

  4. Arthritis in the back? How about the hands, hips, knees………..wish you could have seen my Nana with her knee warmers. Your Mom might remember them. Not sure they did much good and they certainly were not what you would call a fashion statement, but something that may be in all our futures (with the Geiss gene).

    I’m looking forward to my first pair, although not sure they still make them. They may have gone the way of the Union Suit (something you might also ask your Mom about). I wonder if there is a market for quilted knee warmers. There could be an untapped market for them. Any interest?

    Anyway, arthiritis in the back? You’ll be lucky if you only get it there.

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