First off, I have been in Hilton Head for the past 4 days playing golf in my Mom’s member guest.  I used my new clubs which I purchased with my award money from the show PNQE.  I had a GREAT time playing golf with Mom and her friends!  It was of course wonderful to see my Dad also.  He looks great!!  We look forward to hearing some good news in the near future!   Mom hasn’t played golf since Dad was diagnosed in March so it has been quite a while.  I play quite sporadically because of work and the kids.  So imagine our surprise when we were in 2ND place after the first day!  We ended up coming in 4th but we were extremely pleased since last year we were 2nd to last.  Big Difference!

As I walked in the house after our final round, I do what I always do…..check my email, since I was away, it was on my phone where I noticed I had a text from Ronda Beyer.  She congratulated me on my Best of Show in the AQS show in DesMoines…….. who me???  NO WAY!!  I have always thought of myself as a machine quilter.  Not a piecer/quilter.  In the past I have enjoyed the quilting process more than the piecing.  This was my first project that I enjoyed the whole thing.  Ronda’s challenge is what kicked my butt in gear and I will be forever grateful to her for making me realized that I can do piecing and applique and enjoy the journey.  So Ronda, if you are reading this…. THANK YOU!!  (and thank you for the wonderful medallion design to work with)

It really hasn’t sunk in!  This was not a machine quilting show, which is what I have mostly entered my quilts in in the past.   I feel like I am a real quilter now.      This is the 2nd time I have come off the golf course to find out I have won BOS.  Obviously the combination of golf and quilting works for me.

The kids are doing great!  Brandon and Noah are playing lacrosse.  Noah has started wrestling practice with an Elite club at Malvern.  Brody, well, he is such a great toddler.

Karen and I have done a lot of work on our Intelligent Quilting website.  It might look the same but we hope that the added “my account” feature will help our customers, they will have the ability to see past purchases from this point forward, store cc info if they like and change their shipping addresses.  Things have been crazy busy the last couple of months and I was hoping to see things slow down but we are rolling right into the holiday season…….

hard to believe it is October..


3 thoughts on “Unbelievable……

  1. Congratulations on your Best of Show! Incredible work! Glad you were able to get away with your Mom and I hope your Dad continues to do well.

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