It has been too long…

I can’t believe that it is already the end of July, where did the summer go.  I have been busy with quilting….new digital and paper patterns, my next competition piece which I think I will show you some of…. and a gift for the people at Fil Tec  ( ).

I don’t have a name yet but it has been a process..Many decisions.  …   Here it is so far..

I still have some applique to add to the center, I also hope that my idea for the next part works out.  Who knows….

If you haven’t heard of Glide thread, check it out at  It has a beautiful sheen and looks beautiful!  I decided to design a mini wholecloth and use some of my Glide thread.

Here is what I can up with..

I am still in the process of developing my class, Divide and Design.  It is slow going…  I am going to create a new DVD at the same time so it is a lot of work.  UGHHH  When do the kids go back to school??

Congratulations to all of the women who worked on the Longwood Gardens Quilt!!  It placed 2nd at the Quilt Odyssey in the Group category!

Now back to my competition piece before Brody wakes up.

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