New Studio

Things are never boring around here.  My current studio is in the master bedroom on the first floor.  I have two A1 quilting machines with two Intelliquilters.  My sewing machine, desk , cutting table etc are in the office.  My oldest son turns 13 in march and we have decided to take our master bedroom back which will give him his own room again.  He will be so excited!!

First we were going add on to the back of our house, then we were going to convert the garage and now we are in the process of converting the basement.  I am going to try and post the “journey” here.   Here are before pics.

We have moved all the utilities,  but this is where they were.  There will be two windows and a brick wall and step up with a gas stove there.  Do you think the whole wall should be brick?  I am opting for the center to be brick that way the windows won’t be encased in brick.

Here is the picture of the walk out. I won’t see the door as a wall will be built there.  We have so many of these lollipops in our basement.  Currently we are trying to figure if they can be moved as of course they are where I would like my machines.  LOL

This is the bottom of the stairs.  The door you see goes to the “boys” room.  There is a TV and all of their games.

On this wall, I will have a design wall, behind the design wall will be shelving for batting etc.  Underneath the stairs is where I will have Intelligent Quilting’s paper patterns.  I have a TV wall for a small one.  I can’t watch and quilt at the same time  but I can when I piece.   The center of the room will have a cutting table.

So that ‘s it so far.  I will post pictures of the windows tomorrow.  Any suggestion you have I am all ears….

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