Where did the time go…

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since the 19th of Dec.  Life was so crazy with the holidays.  I finished up my customer quilts before the holidays and was able to enjoy my time with my family.  Brody knew he was suppose to rip the paper but didn’t realize that there was a reason.

Noah wrestled in the Easton Duals as the 73lber.  He went 2-2 with 1 pin.  He also wrestled in the Boyertown Invitational and won 1st, he went 3-0 with 3 pins!  This past weekend he wrestled in the Pottsgrove Holiday tournament.  He placed 4th and went 6-2 with 3 pins.  HIs first ICWL match is coming up this weekend.  Should be fun!

Hula Hibiscus is coming along.  I am currently searching for some thread do couch with.  I think I might have found it!  I took the quilt off the frame to get a customer quilt done but it should be back on next week.

Here is where I am at with it… boy, fills take a LONNNNGGGG time.  LOL

5 thoughts on “Where did the time go…

  1. Very nice quilting!! I would like to know if you basted below where you ended your quilting. And do you have any problems taking the quilts on and off the rack. Natalie in very cold Florida.

    • HI Natalie,
      There was no basting on this quilt. The whole thing was stabilized with SID and most of the quilting before I took it off the frame. I use zippers on all of my quilts which allow me to zip the quilts on and off.
      It is cold here in Pa too.

  2. They may take a long time, but in your piece, the fills are bringing gorgeousness and light to all the brown areas – ooh-aah! And the photos of Brody with his brothers – and you – that’s all beautiful too.

  3. This is gunna be a stunner Lisa..would love to see it in real life…..you’re a clever little chickie…I was going to do the challenge, but work committments just didn’t work out according to plan, time a huge issue….sorta glad I didn’t now…anything I was gunna do certainly couldn’t be in the same category as this.. Ray

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