It has been a while..

HI there from the worst blogger in history.   lol  It has been a while and quite a bit has happened.

First off,  the Longwood Gardens quilt is finally hanging in the gardens.  I have received quite a few emails from people who have admired it.  It is always nice to know that people enjoy looking at the work you do.

I bought a new computer…a MAC!  So far I am loving it!  Very easy to use.  I need to find a cad program to do my digitizing in.   I have used Autosketch which is not compatible with the MAC.  I have downloaded a trial version of TurboCad but am struggling with how to use it.  It looks the same but I can’t seem to get the arcs that I want!  It puts in the middle point first then the end points.  UGH!!

Noah won first place at the Boyertown Invitational Dec 13th.  This is his first first!  He pinned all three of his opponents!  It was the most aggressive I have ever seen him be!  He was also invited to participate in the Dual tournament as their 73 lber.  He is excited!

My latest project is coming together.  I am done stabilizing it which was BORING!  I am now onto the fun part!  I have kind of worked from the middle out.  More because I knew what  I was going to quilt!

Here is where I am so far..

I hope to have more pictures to post tomorrow of the brown border!

Happy Quilting !

7 thoughts on “It has been a while..

  1. Lisa, your quilting is absolutely fabulous. I really like watching your progression as you fill in the details. Your quilting amazes me.


  2. You go girl, this is fabulous, can;t wait to see it in person…. Are you coming to MQX???? Would love to meet you in person…. Can;t decide if we should do another challenge or not, email me and we chat about it…

    • Ronda, I am going to MQX and can’t wait! We will have to make time to get together and chat! As for the challenge, I am always up for another but we had so many drop out…Maybe we should do one together..

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