Hula Hibiscus: Day 1 and 2 of quilting

Ronda Beyer told me to “enjoy the journey” with this quilt.  I have to say that I truly have.    In order to make the quilting go quicker and avoid the stand and stare method that  I seem to employ quite often, I marked this quilt.  This is something that I don’t normally do.   I loaded the quilt and decided not to do a float which means that I actually attached the quilt top to the leader.  This way I can put the appropriate amount of tension on the top and backing. 

I started quilting the top this week.  I am going through and trying to do the stabilizing stitching first.   I bought some Madeira monopoly thread from JL and I love it!!!  It is so thin and does not have the shine that the others have.  I wish I had gotten it sooner!  Here is what I have gotten done so far, I am hoping to work on it more today. 

Quilting Day 1



I am using Dream Orient and Dream wool.  Threads so far, Madiera monopoly, Superior highlights and signature.


3 thoughts on “Hula Hibiscus: Day 1 and 2 of quilting

  1. So far, it’s lovely. Where are you using the signature thread? In the pink is where I’m guessing. Thanks for sharing the batting you’re using also. Looking forward to watching your progress!

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