Yeah it is Friday!!!

Wow, has it really been 2 weeks since I posted last….. I knew this was going to be hard.  I guess I don’t think I have a lot to say. LOL   I have been extremely busy with finishing the Longwood Gardens Quilt and piecing the rest of my challenge quilt.  As some of you know I am a co-owner of Intelligent Quilting.  This keeps me really busy and since we are having our yearly founder’s day sale.  Whew…. you guys are wearing me out.  LOL

I am pleased to say that I have finished piecing the LAC challenge quilt and I cannot wait to quilt it!!!  I have some maintenance to do on my machine….level table, level carriage, hopefully this will take out some of the vibration I am getting.  I think it is just a little of balance.  Oh yeah, it is time once again to straighten the leaders.  I did my other machine but now need to do this one.   I am calling it Hula Hibiscus! 

Hula Hibiscus Unquilted

So let’s see, It is the first time I did machine applique, curved piecing, paperless paper piecing and miters.  Ronda seems to think I should put some piping around it.  I think I will quilt it and then see how I feel.  That would be another first!!  I have done a small flange but it didn’t turn out so well.    I am hoping to start quilting this next week.  I am now awaiting thread.

On another good note.. I have finished the Longwood Gardens Quilt and am happy with how it turned out.  I did swags in the border with beadboard and a feather fill underneath and Ribbon candy in the red border.  The interior of the quilt… all applique was stitched around and then I set my needle down and away I went.  I knew how I wanted the interior bird to look but other than that I just winged it.  I did not use the Intelliquilter for any of it.  All me!!


Now I will have to go to Longwood Gardens at Christmas to see it hanging. 

Onto designing the quilting for Hula Hibiscus!!

Happy Quilting everyone!!

5 thoughts on “Yeah it is Friday!!!

  1. Ok, I have to ask… do you freehand it all? Or do you plan it out first, mapping section by section? I ask because it is the design and the layout in the various sections that show off your magnificent quilting ability.

    Lovely… just absolutely lovely!

  2. Hi Renee,
    The only part that I had “planned” was the bird in the center. I knew I wanted feathers coming off the wings. I didn’t mark them though. I just “winged” it. No pun intended. Then I really just changed fills as I went along. When I came to an applique that I thought needed something, I just put whatever came to mind. LOL I wouldn’t say that it is magnificent quilting ability. I call it luck that it all worked how I wanted it to. Thanks for looking!

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