Family, life etc

This weekend we had my Uncle’s memorial service while it was a sad occasion it was so nice to see family.  I was making it through the service dry eyed until my Dad spoke.  My Uncle was divorced and didn’t see his boys as much as he would have liked.  My Dad turned to my cousins and said “I asked your Dad if he would do things differently.  He said he had no regrets except for that he would have liked to have been there more for Jay and Kevin as they entered manhood.  (as he turns to look at them he said)  Don’t EVER doubt for one minute that your Dad was not immensely proud of you and he loved you both very much.”  Boy, I get teary eyed just thinking about it.   My Uncle had a wonderful fashion sense…. NOT.  He would pair plaid pants with striped shirts and then top it off with his salmon colored blazer. LOL    Can you picture it??

My sister, Kirsten, was down for the service with her family.  We had a great time.  She is pregnant with her 2nd child.  They aren’t going to find out the sex which is driving me crazy so I told her that I am going to make the ugliest green and yellow quilt for her.  Connor is their little boy and he is soooo cute!!!  He has the most squeezable cheeks.  I am hoping their next child is as good as he is.  We got up EARLY on Sunday to play golf.  Aside from getting up sooo early, I loved playing when the sun is just coming up and there isn’t alot of people on the course yet. 

I have made a big business decision which is VERY scary.  I am no longer going to be taking quilts that require custom quilting.  I have realized that I am not superwoman despite what I might like to think and I am not willing to take the time to do them at this point.  I have not had the time I wanted to spend with Brody, Noah and Brandon because all I do is work, work, work!! I also have lost the ability over time to do simple custom or I have lost the ability to see simple custom.  I am hoping that I can get enough all over customers to keep me busy if not I guess I will have to piece and quilt my own.  LOL  Actually I am hoping to do just that.  I have two quilts that are in my closet that I would like to quilt for show and don’t have the time.  Hopefully my business will survive this but my family has to come first!!!

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