Bad Blogger….

I knew when I started this that I would struggle with updating but I guess I am a work in progress. 

I promised pictures of the simple custom that i was working on.  Here it is…

 006 (2)007 (2)


We had a wonderful vacation in Highlands, NC.   Rafting, hiking… the waterfalls were beautiful.   Got a chance to play golf not that I did well but it was fun.  I am looking forward to spending the week with my Mom at the end of Sept for her member guest and I have my SIL’s member guest in NJ for a day.  I better get out there and practice.

My challenge quilt is coming along, i hope to have the borders put on by the end of the weekend.  Will someone hold me accountable???  LOL  I like how it is turning out and have picked a name.  Hula Hibiscus.    It is from Brody’s favorite show, Mickey Mouse. 

He is currently having a reaction to his measles shot.  Head to toe rash and his fever finally broke.  we were up all night.  Wasn’t there a time when I could stay up all night and still function the next day….Oh yeah, I guess that would have been when I was out doing something fun..not caring for a sick child. 

Brody absolutely loves Thurber.  Here are some pics to show how much.

087085086Noah and Brody

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