Glad the week is over…..

This past weekend my Uncle passed away.  This is my mother’s only brother.  I know he is in a better place now. (probably on the golf course).  The memorial service is set for September.  

Noah’s birthday was last week.  Can you believe that he is 10 years old….  He is at the Ken Chertow Wrestling camp at State college.  Apparently it is a tough camp!!  They have three sessions a day with very high caliber counslers!!  Some of the best wrestlers in the country.  He is having fun and learning alot.  I told him he should be spitting nails by the time the camp is over.

I met another longarmer for lunch yesterday.  Bethanne from Allentown, I am sure we will be hearing her name in the future…probably connected to some award winning quilts!!!  Hopefully one with lemons appliqued on to it!!!  It is always fun to talk shop since my family is pretty much over listening to me talk quilting.  LOL

I am working on Norma’s pretty star quilt this week and am almost done.  Just 3 borders left!!  It is a nice clean, crisp look.  I will post pictures when I am done.   I am backed up with custom quilts again… how does this happen to me!!  When does school start??

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